Sustainable business practices are going to become the norm and Goldcrest are committed to providing the most Eco-friendly cleaning products and services in commercial cleaning. We work with our commercial clients to help deliver a truly sustainable cleaning and maintenance service in Portsmouth, Southampton, Chichester and surrounding areas.

We will help you understand all the key areas you can add to your sustainability reports to highlight how your sustainability policy looks at every aspect of your business, including your cleaning and building maintenance.

We only use natural cleaning products which are tough on dirt and gentle on the environment. Our products are a great green alternative to standard commercial cleaning products without the use of harmful chemicals in your workplace.

Focus on quality

There are several benefits for you and your staff with using Eco-friendly products and cleaning:

  • No harmful cleaning products or chemicals used in your office space or residues left on surfaces and no chemical spills to clean up.
  • Cleaning products are much more biodegradable and have far less of an impact on the environment.
  • With our recent learning with the Coronavirus COVID 19, washing our hands with hot water and natural soaps for 20 seconds is the best way to keep clean and
  • Your eco-friendly approach, could attract a wider number of customers looking for ‘green’ companies to work with

Effective and affordable, our green cleaning products are a sustainable solution for your business and the planet. Whether your business has sustainable accreditation, Goldcrest Services can help you with the first steps to becoming an Eco-friendly workplace.